• Square Ceramic Grinder

    Square Ceramic Grinder

    VAGrinders new style ceramic herb grinder – 2part square ceramic grinder.  Simple and fashionable shape, sharp cutting teeth, let you feel different grinding fun. Add it to your grinding tool family.

  • VAO Pipe

    VAO Pipe

    Vagrinders latest and first pipe, made of high quality aircraft aluminum, has a unique design to make your smoking more enjoyable and fun. Turn your smoking life into an art.

  • Ultra SE Herb Grinder

    Ultra SE Herb Grinder

    VAGrinders latest patented 62mm 3piece aluminum herb grinder. Brand new design, rounded appearance gives a comfortable grip experience. It doesn’t sting when you grip it. The groundbreaking design eliminates threads, making opening and closing easier and simpler.

  • VA Wood Bowl Holder

    VA Wood Bowl Holder

    Vagrinders newly designed wooden bowl holders. Hand made from high-quality walnut wood, supplemented by food-grade durable stainless steel inserts, giving your bowl a safe and comfortable home. Perfect for your bowl collection. It is of high quality and can even be passed down for decades. Made to fit 14.5mm and 18.8mm joint bowls.

  • Hot Knife Dab Tool

    Hot Knife Dab Tool

    VAGrinders Hot Knife Dab Tool let the wax fall easily into the Bowl by heating it up, making handling dabs easier than ever. It fits perfectly with the vape 510 battery ( not include). Of course, if you need a 510 battery, you can also contact us to purchase.

  • Wood Grinder With Glass Jar

    Wood Grinder With Glass Jar

    VAGrinders wood grinders are carved from high quality Walnut/Beech. Brand new design, rounded appearance gives a comfortable grip experience. The sharp teeth can crush weed easily, and the material of wood is very friendly.

  • Ceramic Ultra Herb Grinder

    Ceramic Ultra Herb Grinder

    VAGrinders latest patented ceramic grinder has a rounded appearance and a softer touch, sharper grinding is enough to crush everything, has a brighter color scheme, and at the same time inherits the excellent characteristics of the old non-stick.

  • Titanium Grinder

    Titanium Grinder

    Our 62mm 3layer Titanium herb grinder dare to compare with any grinder on the market. It’s strong enough to be an heirloom, with teeth sharper than a stainless steel burr, but not as heavy.

  • Tin Rolling Tray

    Tin Rolling Tray

    Keeping the table clean when rolling the ideal joint is an age-old issue that Vagrinders’ tin rolling tray solves. When you create premium, hand-crafted joints for smoking and don’t want to waste your herb, rolling trays are essential. There’s nothing more annoying than dropping filling fragments on the ground and forgetting to pick them up for later use. Therefore, the rolling tray might catch anything that slips out while you’re rolling out your joint—especially if you packed it a bit too tightly. Simply gather up what’s left, add it to the rest of your stash, and save all the herbs.

  • High-end Glass Filter Rolling Tips

    High-end Glass Filter Rolling Tips

    The best glass available from any maker of glass filter tips! Smoother puffs with tastier flavors. Without worrying about your filter burning, inhale all the way to the glass. 

  • 2.5inch 4Part Aluminum Herb Grinder

    2.5inch 4Part Aluminum Herb Grinder

    Our 63mm 4 layer anodized aluminum grinders are available. Therefore, the coating won’t readily scrape off or flake in your herb grinders. For plant material that has to be ground down for cooking or vaporization, this grinder works nicely.

  • 1.5inch 4part Aluminum Herb Grinder

    1.5inch 4part Aluminum Herb Grinder

    We anodize the 1.5inch 4part aluminum grinders. This indicates that the coating won’t wind up flaking or readily scratch off in your herb grinders. Plant material that needs to be reduced for cooking or vaporization is perfect for this grinder.

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