• Tin Rolling Tray

    Tin Rolling Tray

    Keeping the table clean when rolling the ideal joint is an age-old issue that Vagrinders’ tin rolling tray solves. When you create premium, hand-crafted joints for smoking and don’t want to waste your herb, rolling trays are essential. There’s nothing more annoying than dropping filling fragments on the ground and forgetting to pick them up for later use. Therefore, the rolling tray might catch anything that slips out while you’re rolling out your joint—especially if you packed it a bit too tightly. Simply gather up what’s left, add it to the rest of your stash, and save all the herbs.

  • TrayPro


    TrayPro is a new design Aluminum Rolling Tray, made from aircraft grade aluminum material with advanced anodizing technology. Totally different use experience with plastic, wooden and iron sheet material.

    A better rolling tray make your daily smoking different.